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Our facility, housed at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (South Dakota Mines), solves complex bioprocessing challenges in the synthesis and scale-up of biopolymers and specialty chemicals from renewable resources. We are committed to working with commercial and government partners to advance the biomanufacturing economy by eliminating barriers to commercial production of sustainable bioproducts.

Image of bioprocessing equipment
Cutting Edge Equipment
At CNAM-Bio, our expertise combined with cutting-edge equipment enables us to design customized scale-up solutions and production routes for different microbe-substrate-bioproduct systems. Detailed bioprocess and bioproduct analysis at each production step, from lab-scale to pilot-scale, provides information needed to engineer robust, cost-effective bioprocesses and innovative technologies.
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Expert Support and Guidance
We offer expert support and contract services across the research and development spectrum, from microbial screening and metabolic engineering to bioprocess scale-up and bioproduct testing. This scope of resources allows us to engage industrial partners across the supply chain from feedstock suppliers to manufacturers of the end-use product.
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Passionate and Experienced Team
Our multi-disciplinary team comprises experts in microbiology, bioengineering, fermentation science, synthetic biology, systems biology, chemical engineering, and polymer science/engineering. The team is dedicated to advancing biotechnologies and ecological manufacturing solutions with a collaborative approach and extensive experience.
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