Bioprocessing and Biomaterials Services

Our Comprehensive Services in the Synthesis, Processing and Testing of Biopolymers, Biochemicals and Biocomposites

Our mission is to pioneer sustainable solutions through our comprehensive offerings in biopolymer and biochemical synthesis. Leveraging cutting-edge equipment and expertise, we provide tailored, cost-effective solutions to address pressing global challenges arising from conventional, petroleum-derived products, like plastic waste and toxic chemicals. From concept to commercialization, CNAM-Bio is your trusted partner in driving innovation for a more sustainable future.

Customized Solutions

We offer tailored contract services to meet specific client needs, from initial concept development to scale-up and commercialization.

Consulting Services

Our team provides technical consulting services, offering insights and guidance in all areas of our expertise.

Research Collaboration

CNAM-Bio collaborates with industry partners, research organizations, and academic institutions to drive collaborative research initiatives in the field of sustainable materials.

Scale-Up Capabilties

With our pilot-scale production facilities, we assist clients in multi-step scale up of bioproduct production for commercial applications, bridging the renowned “valley for death” that confronts product development efforts in start-up companies and established companies alike.

Synthesis of Bio-derived Polymers and Specialty Chemicals

Utilizing advanced biocatalysis and metabolic engineering techniques, we synthesize biodegradable polymers, polymers precursors and specialty chemicals of commercial value, using renewable resources as microbial substrates, such as  agricultural waste biomass, forestry residues, food waste, dairy waste, and methane. 

Downstream Processing

Given that downstream (post fermentation) processes - such as separation, extraction and purification - can account for a large proportion of total production costs, our capabilities and interests include development and implementation of efficient downstream processing systems. This includes R&D activities in the separation and extraction of multiple high-value products from single bioreactor streams.

Extremophilic Bioprocessing

Harnessing extremophilic microbes sourced from unique environments, including SURF, we optimize bioprocessing methods to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

Polymer Processing

Our polymer processing expertise and infrastructure at the CAPE Lab allows us to design and optimize custom manufacturing processes to suit the rheological, thermal, and microstructural properties of different biopolymers.
We also have comprehensive capabilities to evaluate their microstructural, physical and mechanical properties.

Biocomposite Development

Our team includes specialists at the CAPE Lab focused on developing biocomposites with enhanced properties, leveraging innovative materials and processing techniques.

Training and Workshops

CNAM-Bio offers training programs and workshops to educate professionals and students on the latest advancements in sustainable materials and bioprocessing technologies.