Extremophilic Bioprocessing Facilities

Facility AddresS:

SD Mines, CBEC Building
501 East Saint Joseph Street, Rapid City, SD 57701

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From working with plasmid mini-preps to vectors, the Extremophilic Bioprocessing Labs are equipped with a comprehensive line of centrifuges, incubators, spectrophotometers, and sterilization solutions. These facilities also include fermentation bioreactors, purification equipment, electrochemical and gravitational workstations, bioinformatics software, and a range of molecular DNA research equipment. Biosafety equipment for protection of laboratory personnel is another important component of the facilities.

"Genome to Phenome" Research:

Molecular dna research
• DNA sequencing gel electrophoresis kits and accessories
• Electrophoresis apparatus (horizontal and vertical)
• Bead-beater
• Electroporator (BioRad)
• Lyophilizer (Labcono)
• PCR thermocyclers (Perkin Elmer 480, 9070, BioRad)
• Gradient PCR (Eppendorf)
• Thermo Forma PicoReal RT PCR (Applied Biosystems)
• Nanodrop 2000CW (Thermo Scientific)
• Low-temperature freezer (-80°C, Revco)
• Foto/analyst archiver system (Fotodyne)
Protein research
• SDS PAGE assembly (BioRad)
• Protein Purification equipment
in-silico studies
Licensed access to several bioinformatics software, including:
• AutoDock Discovery Studio (BIOVIO)
• ClustalW & SWISS-MODEL
• Computational server (Dassault)

Processing Equipment:

centrifuges and incubators
• High speed centrifuge (Sorvall, RC-26 plus)
• Table-Top Centrifuges (Eppendorf 5810R, Sorvall T6000B)
• Beckman ultracentrifuge and nVTi90 rotor
• Water-bath incubators (Thermo Scientific)
• Multiple-temperature shaker/incubators (New Brunswick, Innova 44/44R)
Sterlization, lysis and freezing, bacterial preservation/storage, and biosafety
• Autoclave (Consolidated Stills & Sterilizers)
• Sonicator (Kimble/Kontes)
• Freeze dry/shell system (Labcono)
• Emulsiflex B15 cell disruptor (Avestin)
• Low-temperature freezer (-80°C, Revco)
• Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type A2 Clean bench system
Fermentation reactors and anaerobic processing
• Benchtop reactor (Four 1L reactor vessel)
• 3L Winpact Parallel Fermentation System FS-05 Series
• 55-gallon DigesterAnaerobic chambers
• Anaerobic GasPack systems
Gravitational and electrochemical workstations